Our Mission

  • Company mission statement:

  • Our mission is to ignite and nourish community development by enabling them to be courageous servants using aligned investments and partnerships to create transformations.

  • Company philosophy and purpose:
  • We are commanded to carry out the great commission. We help support communities who are trying to escape captivity and be free. We are not isolated to one industry therefore our reach can stretch into all passions. This company was started to give the people direction, hope, and answers. The image that we want to portray is the image we were made in.

  • Company Values: 

    1. Accountability- We will hold ourselves accountable for our actions
    2. Boldness- We will be bold in the message of Christ
    3. Community- We will empower and help support communities 
    4. Compassion- We will have compassion for all we meet
    5. Discipline- We will be disciplined in following the company rules established
    6. Passion- Every product produced will represent our passion for quality 
    7. Purpose- We will always remember why we were formed and our purpose
    8. Service to others- We will be servants 
    9. Spirituality- God is love and our spirituality must reflect God’s love
    10. Unity- We are united as one people. Unity will change the world 

  • Company Vision: 
  • “You will see our presence as often as you see the birds in the sky”

    Explanation: Luce and Lucendia is the foundation but just the beginning of the LLB (LiveLifeBreathe) Brands to come. We will grow to be an international chain connected to households nationwide. We will forever let our light shine in cities big and small. You will see our presence as often as you see the birds in the sky. We will connect with organizations that have the same mission and purpose to put people at the forefront.