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Gianni Vii Watch

Gianni Vii Watch

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Rugged and refined, the Gianni VII watch is carefully crafted using stainless steel and sustainably sourced Ebony wood for a classically sophisticated, bold look. Pairing influences of nature with touches of stylish modernity, this handmade watch features Genuine 3-hand Miyota Citizen Quartz movement for a hint of contemporary elegance amongst a sleek, masculine frame. A subtly bold timepiece perfect for every individual, the Gianni VII watch is designed right here in New Orleans for a seriously suave and cultured statement watch that is understated at the same time that it is daringly stylish.


•       Handcrafted using stainless steel for durability and longevity

•       Sustainably sourced Ebony wood adds a touch of natural influence and ruggedness

•       Features a Genuine 3-hand Miyota Citizen Quartz movement

•       Stylish and contemporary, the Gianni VII pairs well with a range of wardrobes, styles and tastes

The company was founded by a Father and Son in 2013 to provide affordable sunglasses and accessories made from sustainably sourced wood, bamboo, and cellulose acetate. ROOT is dedicated to continually finding new ways to create products people can cherish for years to come. ROOT is a company about the people. We’re here to provide a premier answer for people who want to support sustainability, and look great, too.

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