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Klassic Collection 3 PK Towels Set

Klassic Collection 3 PK Towels Set

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At SaaSoh we design our towels with premium yarns and are made of pure 100% Long Staple Aero Cotton. The cotton used in our Klassic Collection has extra-long fibers which not only make them soft and feathery to feel but also more absorbent after washes. Their refined look will elevate your bathroom by adding a zing to your personal space. These chic pieces of towels are versatile and perfect for beach use as they dry super-fast. You can also use them as wraps or summer throw too. We have a range of sizes and choices of colors to select from.

Set Consist of:

  • 1 Pcs Washcloths (13"X13")
  • 1 Pcs Hand Towels (16"X30")
  • 1 Pcs Bath Towels (30"X54")

The environment around us is the source for most of the fibers and fabrics we use. That is why we love it back by encouraging responsible manufacturing processes in the mills that manufacture our products. We want to make a difference, not just by giving you the luxury of exceptional linens, but by also being responsible towards the planet we call home.

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