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Organic Soy Candles Hand Poured, and made, with non-toxic cotton wicks

Organic Soy Candles Hand Poured, and made, with non-toxic cotton wicks

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Hand Poured Organic Soy Candles with Cotton Wicks

Conventional candles can actually pollute your home. They give off harmful chemicals even when not lit! It can be harmful to those with allergies and those that suffer with migraines. Worst of all some of the chemicals used in the fragrances used can be hormone disrupters.

Many fragrance oils, but not all, are loaded with chemicals and preservatives. It all depends on how they are formulated.

Paraffin wax is a petrochemical byproduct and is often contaminated with cancer causing compounds. I am not sure you would like to be breathing petrochemicals!

Last but not least many wicks have an itsy-bitsy wire inside or lead. When that burns it can release metals that are not only hormone disrupters but can affect humans reproductive and neurological system.
Our candles are hand poured with organic soy wax and contain 100% cotton wicks for an all-around clean burn. Some may say that soy candles don't put out the aroma as much as a paraffin candle. That is definitely not true with our soy candles! We have had customers that just leave the lid off their soy candle in their room and are pleasantly surprised that they don't even have to light it!

Speaking about lighting our soy candles...did you know that candles have a memory?

The first time you light any candle in a container let the wax melt all the way out to the edge of your container. If you blow it out sooner, it "remembers" where you blew it out and it will then tunnel down, and your wax is wasted! You only have to let it burn out to the edge for the first time it is lit - after that you can blow it out whenever you like.

All of our soy candles aromas are blended to match the scents our soaps and lotions with a few little extra thrown in for good measure.

We have had much success when offering these at shows and markets and we are now offering them online as well. I am sure many of you are smiling right now and saying, "it's about time"!

These 6 oz soy candles will burn approximately 48 hours. Enjoy!

Allure - Soft and sultry but not as deep as Midnight Dreams

Amber - A true Amber. Deep and mysterious

Americana - a citrusy blend of apple and orange with a hint of pizazz!

Boho Steep - The aroma is very natural. A woodsy blend mellowed with a fresh outdoor scent.

Campfire - Literally like you are sitting at a campfire roasting marsh mellows!

Country Harvest - This is what Fall at grannie's house smells like! Nutmeg, cinnamon with orange thrown in for good measure.

Christmas Thyme - You will think you are sitting beneath the Christmas tree. Our most popular aroma.

Dream Catcher -The aroma is sophisticated and warm with a hint of violets. Mysterious and tantalizing!

Espresso Yourself - Even if you are not a coffee lover you will love this! You will think you are in a French Cafe!

Green Tea - Just like Green Tea!

Harvest Moon - The aroma is clean and wispy…. like walking at night under the Fall moonlight with a cool breeze off the garden. Not too sweet or heavy.

Heart -n- Soul -It's like running through a spray of flowers! A little intense but beautiful - just perfect!

Lavender - This is a true French Lavender. Herbal - not super sweet. Just right!

Leather -n- Lace - Imagine high quality leather blended with a subtle floral scent

Lime in De Coconut - Exactly what this is! Another popular scent

Orange Clove - Yummy blend of clove and orange

Punk'in Patch - Better than mom's pumpkin pie!

Wench - Wowza! This is my favorite! Strong like a man but soft as a woman. A best seller in the soap.

Everything we do is measured and made entirely from scratch. No shortcuts here! This is the real deal! Give us some wiggle room in your plans for shipping due to shortages of ingredients that occur from time to time. Believe me, our products are well worth the wait. You will be hooked!

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