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Punkin' Head Aroma Beads Potpourri - This jar of beads will last forever!

Punkin' Head Aroma Beads Potpourri - This jar of beads will last forever!

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Punkin’ Head Aroma Beads Potpourri

This blend of aroma beads, polished bits of glass, authentic vintage buttons and Putka Pods (tiny, dried pumpkins) combines the scent of Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Crème Brulee! Just plain yummy!! Close your eyes and you would think Grandma was in the kitchen backing her award-winning Pumpkin Pie! Customers love to leave this out year-round!

We refer to this as our "forever potpourri" as you will have the jar forever! Pour entire contents into shallow but wide dish such as silver, porcelain, or glass (not wood) to place in your home. When the beads start to lose their scent in about 6-8 months simply place back into jar and add about 1/3 to 1/2 of our refresher oil (available for purchase). Screw lid on tightly and shake until contents are coated with oil. Leave closed for 2-3 days then pour back into dish. It will then be refreshed for another 6- 8 months!

(Usually only available Oct – Dec. Email to see if we might have some in stock)

2 lb. jar

Everything we do is measured and made entirely from scratch. No shortcuts here! This is the real deal! Give us some wiggle room in your plans for shipping due to shortages of ingredients that occur from time to time. Believe me, our products are well worth the wait. You will be hooked!

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