Celebrating a History of Black Excellence

Article published at: Feb 13, 2023 Article author: Jasmine Stocks
Celebrating a History of Black Excellence
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Black History Month Company Highlight:

Playtime Edventure, Kevin Gatlin

Interactive Bed Sheets For Hospital Beds and Kids Bedrooms

Making appearances on Good Morning America, the shelves of Walmarts, and in the hands of famous stars such as Drew Barrymore, Kevin Gatlin’s Playtime Edventures Products has been touching the hearts of millions! 

Kevin wrote, 

“I visited a friend whose son was sick in the Hospital and I realized that there was very little stimulation for kids confined to their Hospital beds and rooms! So, with the help of passionate teachers and parents, we created Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets. Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets extend the play area of the room and provide kids with a place they can explore, play, learn, sleep, and heal on! We quickly realized our Playtime Therapy Bed Sheets and Slumber Bags was exactly what the doctor ordered for kids everywhere! With over 50 interactive games they provide the perfect daytime/night-time alternative to excessive TV watching, electronic devices, and boredom. Playtime Slumber Bags have over 25 interactive games perfect for slumber parties, as a play mat or cozy cover! Best of all, no game pieces required! You can play all playtime games with just coins or cut-out paper! And when the day is done, your child will fall asleep with good playtime thoughts and memories!”

What started out in 2016 with a donation of 64 bed sets to the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope shelter in Charlotte, has expanded to 25 hospitals, four children’s shelters, hospices and orphanages in and out of the US. If that wasn’t honorable enough, they have also decided that for every bed sheet purchased, one will be donated to children displaced from their homes. Kevin is a father of two and a husband to his wife. Kevin and all his family are the embodiment of Black Excellence. He is making the people who sacrificed for him to live “The American Dream,” very proud. Happy Black History Month! Check out the link to his products below and grab your kiddo some new fun sheets!

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