Embracing Community: Our Journey at Live Life Breathe

Embracing Community: Our Journey at Live Life Breathe

At LLB Brands, our commitment to community runs deep. We believe in not only serving our customers with the best products but also in actively engaging and supporting the vibrant community around us. This past weekend, we had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Black History Expo, an event that not only celebrated the rich heritage of African Americans but also brought together a network of inspiring black-owned businesses.

One highlight of our experience at the expo was discovering and purchasing Buffalo Soldier Monopoly, a groundbreaking game designed by a black entrepreneur. It was an honor to purchase this game, signed by its creator, and we're excited to share its innovative spirit with our customers. In addition, we also purchased books from I Am Stem that not only introduce children to the exciting world of STEM in a fun and engaging manner but also shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of black women who have left an indelible mark in fields such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics throughout history. And we couldn’t pass up on an order of Oxtails from Island Jerk Flava, who bring a unique flavor to our city. 

But our engagement didn't stop at transactions. We immersed ourselves in the lively atmosphere of the expo, indulging in the rhythms of dancing, the power of spoken word from talented poets, and the thought-provoking speeches that echoed stories of resilience and empowerment. Among these inspiring moments were discussions about local events that have made a tangible impact, such as the blood drive organized by Delta Sigma Theta.The blood drive, which saved 39 lives, stands as a testament to the transformative power of community-driven initiatives.

In our ongoing commitment to support local enterprises, we recently partnered with various businesses for an exciting project. We had the pleasure of shooting our newest model, Athena, amidst the streets of downtown Clarksville. This collaboration not only showcased some spring essentials but also highlighted the diverse array of PET FRIENDLY businesses that make our community thrive. We are constantly seeking out hidden gems and unique spots in our area to showcase, and we're eager to hear from you about your favorite spots around town. Share your recommendations with us – we can't wait to discover new treasures together! Let's celebrate the vibrant spirit of our community and create lasting connections that uplift and inspire us all.

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