Empowering Beauty: Meet the Models of Live Life Breathe Brands

Article published at: Feb 21, 2024 Article author: Live Life Breathe Store Pop Up
Empowering Beauty: Meet the Models of Live Life Breathe Brands
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Here at Live Life Breathe Brands, we believe in the power of representation and celebrating the beauty of diversity in all its forms. Our mission has always been to provide clothing that empowers and uplifts every woman, regardless of shape, size, ethnicity, or background. With this commitment in mind, we are thrilled to introduce you to our incredible models who embody the spirit of authenticity. We believe that diversity is not only beautiful but essential in showcasing the wide range of styles and personalities our boutique has to offer.


Real Women, Real 

We are so excited to share with you all these amazing individuals from our community here in Clarksville. Our models radiate confidence and self-love, serving as role models for women everywhere to embrace their unique beauty and strengths. We first got to introduce Dominic seen here in the Jade by Jane Hello Darling Mini Dress during our Valentine’s Day shoot, and while she showcased a huge selection of accessories the best one was her smile. 

Showcasing Our Clothing and our Community

Our photo shoots take place in locations around town, capturing the essence of our community and the versatility of our clothing. Whether it's a cozy cafe, a bustling street corner, or a scenic park, our models bring our pieces to life in authentic settings that resonate with our customers. The day Jillian came in the weather was perfect, so we walked around downtown and got the cutest pictures of her wearing the Two-Tone Zip Up Vest. If you know a unique spot that you think should be showcased - let us know!


Join the Movement

We invite you to join us in celebrating diversity, positivity, and authenticity. Follow along on our social media channels to meet our models, see behind-the-scenes glimpses of our photo shoots, and discover the latest trends. You won’t want to miss the details from our shoot last week where we highlighted a couple great downtown locations and Nikeda wore some of our new arrivals like the Hard to Miss Shacket in Mustard. And if you happen to see us out and about for a photo shoot stop and say hi, we would love to meet you!


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