Why We Like Seyante And Why You Should Too!

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Why We Like Seyante And Why You Should Too!
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As people become more informed and conscious, bathrobes are becoming a fundamental need for many people. In response, companies are introducing more modern designs and using top-quality materials.

More so, since there are so many different bathrobe materials available for you, it might leave you wondering what’s the best fabric for a robe that you should choose when purchasing your next bathrobe. 

SEYANTE creates bathrobes using premium materials and has OEKO-TEX certification to ensure they are safe for both customers and the environment. To help you choose the suitable material, we have created a guide to answering the best fabric for a robe and why you should like Seyante too.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

The Quality Seyante Offers And Why You Should Love It?

1. Wool

Wool bathrobes are an excellent option for those looking for warmth during the winter. They provide a cozy, blanket-like feeling. However, excessive agitation can cause wool to malform, such as causing jet streaks and wand markings.

2. Fleece

Fleece robes, made from polyester, resemble wool robes but are lighter in weight. They are gaining popularity due to their smooth texture.

3. Polar Fleece

Polar fleece is an upgraded version of fleece bathrobes. It is made of a thicker, softer material and has excellent water absorption properties. The fabric is crafted from polyester but is denser than fleece. It dries quickly even when wet, making it an ideal choice for those who use a bathrobe primarily to stay dry after showers.

4. Flannel

Flannel is a blend of wool and cotton, providing a lightweight yet warm fabric. They are a great choice if you want the warmth of wool robes but prefer a different material.

5. Cotton  

When it comes to cotton, you may come across various terms such as Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, organic cotton, etc. Cotton is widely used for bathrobes, providing all the necessary features. SEYANTE manufactures 100% Turkish cotton robes for ultimate comfort and warmth. Additionally, there are several sub-types of cotton robes available.

  • Cotton Waffle                                                                                                            

Cotton waffle robes can be recognized by their diamond or square-patterned designs. These robes are ideal for warm weather and are commonly used by spas and hotels for guests. They combine cotton and polyester and are relatively affordable compared to other cotton robes.

  • Cotton Terry Cloth                                                                                            

Cotton terry cloth robes are known for their absorbency. Made from Turkish cotton, they make excellent shower robes. They are lightweight and keep you dry and warm after a shower. It's recommended to wash them before using them. All terry cloth robes purchased from SEYANTE are machine-washable for easy maintenance.


  • Turkish Cotton                                                                                                            

Turkish cotton is the finest type of cotton bathrobe. The fabric is delicately crafted and a pleasure to the eyes and the body. It has high water absorbency, making it suitable for shower use and lounging. The Turkish cotton robes at SEYANTE are made from 100% Turkish cotton, and due to their delicate feel and softness, it is highly sought after.

Turkish cotton is sourced exclusively from the Aegean region. It shares similarities with Egyptian cotton, such as becoming softer over time and utilizing strong and smooth long fibers.

7. Cashmere

Cashmere is commonly associated with colder climates. Cashmere robes are made from animal hair, providing warmth and comfort during the winter. They are best suited for loungewear as they have low water absorbency.

8. Chenille

Chenille robes are known for their excellent insulation properties. They are soft, lightweight, and comfortable; you would not want to take them off once worn. These delicate and stylish robes are made of 100% pure polyester. They are highly recommended for winter and will help you stay warm.

9. Microfiber

For a luxurious experience, a microfiber robe is a great option. They are delicate, lightweight, breathable, and elegant. Though relatively new to the market, they are becoming increasingly popular among bathrobe users due to their qualities. Often used in men's and women's spa apparel, microfiber robes provide a relaxing sensation for the body. They are best worn as dressing gowns or lounging robes.

10. Jersey

Jersey bathrobes are suitable for nightwear or loungewear as they do not absorb water. The fabric is smooth and soft on the skin, making it ideal for a good night's sleep. The material contains a small amount of cotton for added comfort.

11. Bamboo

Bamboo robes are made from bamboo grass and are known for their durability. Even after multiple washes, they maintain their new look and feel. Additionally, the natural fibers and antimicrobial properties of bamboo grass help inhibit bacteria growth.

12. Acrylic

Acrylic robes are lightweight yet warm; what sets them apart is that they are hypoallergenic. These robes are designed for people with allergies and help them stay warm.

13. Satin & Silk

Satin and silk robes are renowned for their smoothness and softness. These lightweight robes make you feel like royalty. However, they do not absorb water well and are not suitable for wear after a shower. They are primarily intended for lounging.

14. Plush

Women and children favor plush robes as they are the softest on the list. They are ideal for use in colder climates to provide warmth and comfort. They also offer a variety of designs and styles. Additionally, they have a thick structure for added warmth. However, SEYANTE does not have a winter plush collection. But, Plush Robes for Women are still a comfortable choice for relaxation and are available for purchase.

Conclusion - A Few Final Thoughts!

In short, all of the fabrics mentioned can make splendid robes, but which one is best depends on the purpose for which you will be using the robe. And SEYANTE prioritizes the customer's needs and creates products for men and women that cater to them.

However, the fabric selection must be considered while buying a robe. These days, a large number of individuals are opting for cotton and wool-based robes because of the comfort they offer. But woolen is the best option if you want something warm for winter.

If you have questions about choosing your bathrobe, feel free to comment below. Thanks For Reading This Guide!



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